Norwood Park - Memories

Columbus, Ohio

Larry Barbera , via email:

...My family lived on Chesterfield in Bexley and we would go to Norwoods in the late 50's. I recall a ride that was like the 'spooky' funhouse rides at the fair. It was in the middle of the park. You would get in the car and it would take you jerkily through the dark. I recall a lighted red devil that would jump out and a skeleton. It was great fun. I also remember the train and the paddle boats on Alum Creek. I believe there was a ride called the Zipper. It was over by the Merry-go-round which I think was to the
right, near the Alum Creek side. I want to say there was a kiddie sized Ferris-Wheel but I'm not sure. I remember the Caterpillar with a canvas hood that would close over the passengers during the ride. I recall the change falling from my Dad's pocket during the ride.

Norwood's has been a childhood fantasy of mine since early adulthood. Every time I've come back in Columbus through the years, I walk the old lot. There used to be the concrete pads from the rides, but they've been plowed under. But the rides and those warm summer nights still live for me and I remember the dreams of my childhood.

I wish someone would come forward with some family pictures that would have Norwood's in them . It' amazing that none can be found.

Larry has a good point here. I don't have any 'back in the day' photos of Norwood Park, because I am not old enough for that, and there aren't any such photos in my family. But if anyone does have photos of Norwood Park, I'd be more than happy to host them here!

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