Norwood Park - Memories

Columbus, Ohio

Lester Nafzger , via email:

Just stumbled upon your comments regarding the old Norwood (or Norwoods, as we called it) Amusement Park in Columbus. As a young boy, and as a teenager, I hung out there every chance I got. My favorites were the Penny Arcade (which was next to the Skeeball (sp?) space), the Dodgem(sp?) rink, and the miniature golf course. Even in the 1950's, half of the games in the arcade were circa 1930's and constantly out of order. But somehow I loved this totally sleazy environment, and I usually shot most of my weekly allowance there.

For a few years in the early '50's the park actually had paddle boats (as a ride) operating in Alum Creek. Yes, ugly, muddy Alum Creek.

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