David C. Althoff, Jr.
875 Oakland Park Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43224
dave@davealthoff.com • http://www.davealthoff.com
614-507-8421 (c) • 614-784-1058 (h)
David C. Althoff, Jr.

Talents and Capabilities

I'm a unique combination of technical innovation and practical reality in audio/visual production and integration for enhanced learning situations. I bring a proven track record of over fifteen years in broadcast and classroom A/V systems operating on tight budgets and short schedules to new opportunities to demonstrate my skills and experience.

Media Services

  • Provide television production and audio-visual services
  • Manage H.323 video conferencing systems
  • Instruct and assist instructors and Radio/TV students
  • Research and recommend, supply, install and operate presentation technology
  • Direct student staff
  • Support all traditional instructional media for Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

Systems Engineering

  • Installed and maintained audio and video production studio facilities at Capital University
  • Studio facilities engineer, WCBE-FM
  • Consulted on amusement ride design projects at the conception and design stages in association with Great Olde Rides/Team IX
  • Listed co-inventor on United States Patent #7,905,789, "Specialized Restraint Systems for Amusement Rides" (http://www.google.com/patents/US7905789)
  • Consulted on, aided in design, and built ride operation control at ORI Industries

Multimedia Production

  • Experienced in (analog) television and radio production techniques
    • Studio live-performance recording engineer, WCBE-FM
    • Produced in-house and for-broadcast television programs for Capital University
    • Facilitate student audio and television programs, aid in solving production problems, Capital University
    • Experienced Avid editor, Xpress DV version 1.0 through Media Composer version 5
  • Provide photographic (slide copy) production services for Capital faculty and staff
  • Familiar with materials preparation for traditional and computer-based presentations

Video and Audio Integration Specialist

  • Systems planning, installation, operation, maintenance and A/V troubleshooting
  • Configure, design, program, install and debug Crestron systems using SystemBuilder, VT-Pro/E, Simpl Windows and Simpl+. Last completed a DM-8G+-based system.
  • Film/video projectionist

Customer Service

  • Customer Care
    • Communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences, conduct personal training, and offer in-person on-site technical support, often in a high pressure environment (such as a live classroom equipment failure).
    • Provide accurate, compassionate, and understandable solutions for call center clients.
  • Technical Support
    • Offer skilled troubleshooting, diagnosis, and proper solutions for both in-person and call center customers


  • Consultant and Technician
    • Assemble and set-up computer systems, from the TRS-80 Model I through current MacOS, Linux and Windows systems
  • User Operations
    • Current Windows, MacOS, iOS and Linux systems
    • Microsoft Office, Word Perfect/Corel Office, iWork (incl. PowerPoint and Keynote)
    • Experienced Avid editor (Media Composer)
    • Experienced in techniques for video compression for Web and Mobile applications
    • Experienced with content authoring techniques
  • Programmer of Obscure Systems:
    • Crestron Simpl and Simpl+ (includes building custom modules)
    • REXX, BASH, Windows and MS-DOS scripting
    • SQL
    • ObjectPAL (Paradox), Visual BASIC
    • Javascript
  • Administrator of Specialized Services
    • AxisTV digital signage system
    • listserv and mailman mailing list systems
    • QuickTime Broadcaster and Darwin Streaming Server
    • VTel H.323 video conferencing bridge

Logistics and Project Management

  • Planning, slough in, slough out
    • Provide Radio/TV production and temporary A/V support, Capital University
  • Plan and implement classroom equipment installation projects in accordance with class and building schedules and coordination with Facilities Management
  • Oversee daily logistics support of A/V equipment for professors and presenters at Capital University
  • Set up, tear down and transport equipment for temporary computer classrooms, Columbus City Schools
  • Developed updated warehouse organizational and operational plan for Ohio State University Press

Employment History

Internet & Voice Technical Support Technician
Charter Communications (Spectrum)
1015 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43212
Nov. 2018-Present

Provide telephone-based technical support to residential customers for broadband data and telephone services delivered via hybrid fiber-coax (DOCSIS) network. Remotely manage customer services for residential customers located in scattered markets across the Eastern United States.

Tier 3 Technical Support Technician
Time-Warner Cable Business Class,
Charter Communications (Spectrum Business)
1600 Dublin Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Oct. 2013-Nov. 2018

Provide telephone-based advanced technical support to commercial customers for broadband video, data and telephone services delivered via hybrid fiber-coax (DOCSIS) network. Remotely manage customer services for commercial customers located in scattered markets across the Continental United States.

Tier 2 Technical Support Technician
Time-Warner Cable Business Class
1600 Dublin Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Feb. 2013-Oct. 2013

Provide telephone-based intermediate technical support to commercial customers for broadband video, data and telephone services delivered via hybrid fiber-coax (DOCSIS) network across the Midwest region.

Sole Proprietor
Cinemagic Communications
875 Oakland Park, Columbus, Ohio 43224
July 2012-Present

Provide a variety of audio-visual installation, maintenance, operation, system design and programming services on a free-lance basis.

Media Services Technician
Capital University
1 College and Main, Bexley, Ohio 43209
1996 - 2012

Began by providing general A/V support, but as the needs of the University changed, transitioned into technology systems design, integration and installation. Through careful selection and self-integration of equipment was able to accelerate the phased installation of a standardized equipment set into more than 60 classrooms within a limited budget. Most recent phase includes digital enhancement and Crestron touch-screen control systems with in-house designed custom interfaces.

Television Studio Manager
Capital University
1 College and Main, Bexley, Ohio 43209
1992 - 1995

Provided technical and operational support of the University television facility, including several major equipment upgrades. Supervised and participated in various in-house productions.

Studio Operations Supervisor (student)
Capital University
1 College and Main, Bexley, Ohio 43209
1989 - 1992

Provided technical and operational support of the University television facility, participated in various in-house productions for both coursework and to serve departmental needs.

Instructional Media Center Staff (student)
Capital University
1 College and Main, Bexley, Ohio 43209
1988 - 1989

Provided general A/V support to the Capital University campus, assisted with computer lab operations and performed media production tasks, including videotape editing in what would become the television studio.

Studio Engineer, Recording Engineer
540 Jack Gibbs Blvd, Columbus, Ohio
1993 - 1997

Designed, assembled and wired the audio performance studio, proceeded to maintain all studio production gear and also to serve as lead recording engineer for various in-studio performances. Time constraints forced me to leave this position when I was offered a full-time position at Capital, but even fifteen years later I would still occasionally drop by and volunteer to help maintain the equipment.

Warehouse Associate
Ohio State University Press
Columbus, Ohio
1992 - 1993

Pick, pack and ship books for the OSU Press. Took a lead role in re-organizing the warehouse to improve the operation of the computerized order processing system.

Microcomputer Technician
Columbus City Schools
Columbus, Ohio
1986 - 1989

Assist with transporting, setting up, maintaining and tearing down microcomputer equipment used for a community computer education program.

Education and Training

B.A., Speech-Radio/TV, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, 1992

Crestron DigitalMedia Certified Designer (D-217-130402-7661, 04/2013)

NAARSO Certified Amusement Ride Safety Inspector Level I (Basic), 1998
(lapsed 2024...certificate number CN-679)

Certified H.323 video conferencing specialist (OARNet, 2002)