The Gates, They Are A-Closing

September 15, 2014

On a late season visit to Cedar Point, I rode Gemini, and the platform attendant actually said that we should step back because the gates were-a closing. Hey wait a minute, didn't Robert Zimmerman write a song about that? No? Not even talking about Valleyfair!? Then I guess I have to. I only did two verses...

The Gates, They Are A-Closing

(You could say this was inspired by Bob Dylan...)

Step into this train
Wherever you stand
And secure the belongings
You hold in your hand
Sit down, fasten belt
Drop the bar we command
For it's time for you to be coasting
Otherwise take a step, behind yellow you stand
For the gates, they are a closing!

Watch your step, climb aboard
It's your turn to ride
And hold on to your stuff
Lest away it may glide
Bars down, belts tight
Keep your arms and legs inside
For our camera you'll want to be posing
But if it's not your train, let that line be your guide
For the gates, they are a closing!

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