September 10, 2020

I was writing a trip report about the Columbus Zoo, and describing the permissive operations on their Flying Scooter, noting that the ride features "a somewhat generous ride cycle and an operations team that doesn't get scared at some minor aerobatics and a little tub-thumping". Referring, of course, to the scary noises that the ride gondola (or "tub") makes when an expert is flying it. Which of course reminded me of that rather annoying 1997 hit single from Chumbawumba. I realized I had another r.r-c songbook candidate and I didn't even need to change the title...

So far I only have the first chorus; I haven't figured out the verse yet. I'm open to suggestions.


I stall it down, then it jerks up again
As the center drags me round and round
It drops right down, then I fly up again
And I'm scaring all the kids in line
I snap it down, I snap it up again
It bounces for me every time
I fly it down, then I fly up again
There's more to this than round and round

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